B. Santiago, Chile, 1983

Living and working in Europe



 2009, UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DE CHILE, Master of arts (M.F.A.)

 2007, UNIVERSIDAD DE GRANADA, SPAIN, advanced course in sculpture and mold production. Advanced course in human figure sculpture.

 2006, UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DE CHILE (PUC), Bachelor’s degrees on Arts, Santiago, Chile.



June-July 2019, Residency at Jingdezhen International Studio, China.

February-May 2019, Guest artist at Jingdezhen International Studio, China. Residency program in collaboration with EKWC

April-July 2018, Residency at EKWC, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.

February-April 2018, Residency at Calle Mayor 54, Spain.

September-November 2017, Residency at Zentrum für Keramik, Berlin, Germany.

March-June 2017, Residency at EKWC, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.

March-December 2015, Taller Bloc, Santiago, Chile.



April-August 2019, TXC Sundaymorning, a taste of ceramics, curated by Jin Wenwei and Ranti Tjan, Ceramic Art Avenue Gallery, Jingdezhen, China.

May 2018, Show group “Desórdenes sistémico, arte resiente desde Chile”, curated by Miguel López, Centro cultural Matta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 November 2017, Duo show at Zentrum für keramik-Berlin, Germany.

 May 2016, OJO ANDINO Group exhibition: “The art of Humanity”, ONU Palace, New York, USA.

 Sept 2015, OJO ANDINO Group exhibition: “Map of the New Art-Imago Mundi, Fondazione Giorgi Cini, Venice Biennale, Italy.

 August 2014, ARDI contemporary art fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



August 2019, “Tzu”, group exhibition, Espora Gallery, Santiago de Chile.

 2017, “Reserva federal”, group exhibition, Madhaus Gallery, Santiago de Chile.

 2016, “40x40”, group exhibition, Madhaus Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

 2015, “Expo Bloc”, Taller Bloc, Santiago, Chile.

 2015, CHaCo contemporary art fair, Estación Mapocho, represented by Madhaus Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

 2015, Solo Show: “Animal Kingdom”, Madhaus Gallery Santiado, Chile.

 2015, “Reflecta”, group exhibition, Oops Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

 2014, Bazart UC art fair, Santiago, Chile.

 2013, Masdeco Market fair, Santiago, Chile.

 2012, FAXXI contemporary art fair, Santiago, Chile.

 2009, Concurso cola de Ratón, group exhibition, Museum of Visual Arts,  Santiago, Chile.

 2009, Balmaceta Arte joven contest, group exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.

 2009, Solo show ”Metal”, Mio-Suchi Bar, Santiago, Chile.

 2008, “Las marías”, group exhibition, sala de arte UNIAC, Santiago, Chile.

 2005, Borde río, group exhibition, Santiago, Chile

 2004, Bank Boston Contest, group exhibition, Isabel Aninat Gallery, Santiago, Chile.



 2017, Fondart, Residency program, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura, Santiago de Chile.

 2016, Sundaymorning Grant, to participate in the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) residency, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.

 2014 Selected for TIAF 2014 London

 2007 Selected in the "Sixth painting Bontá competition of the Museum of Contemporary Art”, Santiago de Chile

 2005 Chosen by the Catholic University of Chile to participate in a seminar with the American Pop artist Frank Stella.



November 2017: Artist Talk, Zentrum für Keramik-Berlin. Germany.

March 2018, Artist talk: “Material surface, natural histories”. Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery, Taoxichuan, Jingdezhen, China.


 2017, Test case, Open studio at EKWC, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.

 2017, Open Studio show AT Zentrüm für Keramik, Berlín, Germany.

 2015, TALLER ABIERTO, Taller Bloc, Santiago de Chile.



 Ca.Sa Collection, Chile

Maya Castro Collection, Chile

 Geraldine Compton Collection, Chile

 Gonzalo Ramírez Collection, Chile